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Jason Marriner has been weaving his magic for over 10 years, there is nobody in this industry that does it better!

"Widely regarded as a leading Global authority on Marketing, Internet Marketing and Traffic Generation. For several years, we have shown hundreds of business owners and everyday people how to grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time, transform their Internet strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking. We show business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet strategies. We are one of those rare marketing duo's that have dual skills in everything IT as well as Digital Marketing".





'The Very Best The Internet Has To Offer'

  • Quality Media Network Traffic

    We Would Like to extend an invitation to allow us to help you grow your business with our quality traffic.

  • Sales Funnel Builds

    Got the hunger to succeed but not necessary the time to build a high converting sales funnel, we have you covered.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

    Looking for masterful copywriters to weave their spell over your newly acquired goldmine of leads, no worries.

  • 1-On-1 Private Business Mentoring

    Do you require help in growing your business or are you interested in starting your own traffic business.

  • Business Coaching

    Your Very own Business coach to guide you through how to use all the tool’s you need to run a successful Online Business.

  • Lead Generation.

    Life blood of any business is fresh traffic coming to your service or offer, I’ll show you the latest lead generation techniques to ensure your business continues to grow.

We are proud to be able to offer even more services to get you the best possible start with your online business!




Check out the crazy amount of conversion proof below. Then secure yourself some of the absolute best biz opp traffic available online bar none!

Client Testimonials



  • Earn Free Traffic With Each Order Your Refer

    Do you fancy building your business for free? Have a large downline? Now you can with the help of our rewards program. Arrange a Team Co-Op and earn 10% over delivery for every 100 clicks you refer to us. Yes, we care about your success!

  • 72 Hours Delivery Depending on Click Volume

    Delivery of clicks depend on the amount of clicks ordered (Volume). If you require your clicks to be delivered earlier than 72 hour contact me directly so I can accommodate your requirements as I understand you may be under deadline pressure.

  • Prompt Communication & Flexible

    Facebook is my main communication method however I do answer emails. Once order is placed I will be in touch to confirm your order and advise you on a date that your traffic will run. Note I reserve the right to reject your offer and run traffic before the provisional date.

  • I Cannot Guarantee Sales Each & Every Time

    But I will guarantee you will receive opt-ins from real people looking for business opportunities. If you receive no opt-ins from no fault of your own I will re-run your order no questions asked. I may even re-run if you experience technical difficulties.

  • Free Capture Page Critique & Sales Funnel Advice

    With each and every order you have the option of receiving a free opt-in page critique if you choose to. Along with autoresponder email follow-up sequence advice Allowing you to maximize your results with each traffic run.

  • A Minimum of 95% T1 To English Speaking

    High levels of quality traffic is assured with a minimum of 95% from english speaking countries. Built strong from relationships formed over years of conversing and nurturing. Positioning yourself best for sales and high ticket upsells.

  • A Strict No Refunds Policy Once Order Starts

    Understand once an order has started, pausing or even diverting the flow may not be possible. Therefore there will be no refunds, PayPal Chargebacks or Credit Card disputes during this time. By purchasing the traffic package you agree to waiver your right to do so.

  • All Pricing's Are For Unique Clicks

    Unique are clicks from different (unique) visitors. (different IP addresses). Raw clicks – are all clicks on your link. If someone goes to your link and clicks it 6 times, you will see 1 unique click and 6 raw clicks. Raw clicks are yours to keep along with Unique clicks.


  • Thousands of hungry buyers waiting for you credit card in hand
  • Highly responsive leads, high open rates and click through rates
  • Unlimited amounts of unsaturated leads at your disposal
  • No longer compete with other marketers for sales
  • Realistically achieve leaderboard status shocking your competition
Have you ever ran a traffic campaign that was delivered quickly with what appeared to be a high opt-in rate (38-80%)?
Successful campaign right?
WRONG! Think again, you just got scammed!!!
Have you also noticed 'to your amazement' that you never receive sales?
The reason behind the lack of 'sales' is because many of my competitors are using tired, worn out strategies that saturate easily.

**Meaning odds on those leads you're shelling out your hard earned for, yes those same ones that are on every 'guru's list under the sun**

Well the answer to the riddle is virgin leads, my traffic provides you with an evergreen supply of them. Be sure to keep that secret to yourself y'all.
Wouldn't want that getting out, would we?
So how do I build my list?
I stay the heck away from other Solo Ad providers, Ad Swaps and other garbage traffic exchange marketplaces that are exhausted and saturated.
Instead I bring you ridiculous results; greater opt-in rates, sales, open rates and click throughs.

Finally level playing field for you to take your business into the stratosphere!


100% Risk-Free 'Traffic Guarantee'

We ALL know just how profitable Media Network Traffic can be and how they can transform your business from one that’s struggling to establish momentum into one that’s bringing in more money than you could imagine.

However it can be difficult to ascertain who to trust and who not too.

Now finally a solution you can put your mind at ease, satisfied in the knowing you’re guaranteed results with each and every traffic page investment.

Introducing our promise…

You Get Opt-ins Or Your Campaign Is FREE! No Strings, No Catch, I get it! Allow me to help you and together we can prosper!



Our traffic is premium quality, the best the internet has to offer.

We do not use; List Ad/Swaps, Bulk Mailers to cold traffic sources, Incentive Based Offers, Pop-up Overs/Unders or any other low grade traffic method.

Your offer is loaded into our rotator and is then fulfilled through email copy broadcasted from our autoresponder of choice.

Your order will not receive clicks from download pages, bonus pages (Funnel Clicks) or any source having the prospect just made a purchase (their credit cards are primed just for your offer).

95% of your clicks are from english speaking countries (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and United States). Note this may number may increase but never decrease.


1.Decide on the traffic package you require

2.Click 'Order Now' and process order

3.Follow on screen instructions

4.Contact me either via Email or Facebook to discuss further

Note: If you're testing your sales funnel, it's best to test with 500 click packages in order to achieve consistent measurable results.

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Click Packages

The Guppy
  • 200 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only - $1.00 per click
  • Capture Page Critique
  • Great Starter!!
Order Now
The Affiliate
  • 300 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only - $1.00 per click
  • Capture Page Critique
  • Save $15
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Ultimate Pro
  • 500 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only - $1.00 per click
  • Free Custom Capture Page
  • Save $75
Order Now
Top Producer
  • 1000 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only - $1.00 per click
  • Free Custom Capture Page
  • Save $200
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Weekly Packages

Weekly 125
  • Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only
  • $1.00 per click
  • Great Starter!!
Order Now
Weekly 250
  • 250 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only
  • $1.00 per click
  • Save $75
Order Now
Weekly 325
  • 325 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only
  • $1.00 per click
  • Save $98
Order Now
Weekly 450
  • 450 Unique Clicks
  • Pay Only
  • $1.00 per click
  • Save $135
Order Now

Other Services Packages

Follow up Emails Series
  • 10 Follow-up emails
  • Custom Written
  • Niche Relevant
Order Now
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Unlimited Support
Order Now
Bridging Page
  • Fully Customise
  • Content Relevant
  • Secure
Order Now
Mini Funnels
  • Unique Custom Design
  • Proven Sales Generation
  • Unlimited Support
Order Now

From our Family to your's thank you for choosing us as your preferred traffic provider.

Jason & Rosslyn.

We are dedicated to your success, rain hail or shine.

P.S. Business is about partnerships, you and us..together we prosper.
"Help enough people achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours, Les Brown"